exchange tickets

LAAC Exchange Tickets

Season 2016

1. Bala and District Angling Association:

2. Beauly Angling Club:

3. Aberdeen & Disctrict Angling Association:

4. Assynt Angling Club:

5. Abernethy & Aviemore Angling Association:

6. Dingwall and District Angling Club:

7. Wick Angling Association:

8. Lairg Angling Club:

9. North Uist Angling Club:

10. Portree Angling Association:

11. Elgin Angling Association:


  • All exchange tickets must be returned to the filling station on the day they have been taken out.
    If any member requires to take out an exchange ticket for more than one day permission must be sought from the club chairman.
  • An exchange ticket can only be used twice in any given week and no more than 6 times in any one season.
  • Check with the filling station prior to making plans to ensure that the exchange tickets are available.
  • There are no exchange tickets at the filling station for the Portree angling association.
    Check the website for contact details and any Achonachie member will then be given all Portee member access to their fishing.

When using the exchange tickets all members are representing Loch Achonachie A.C. Please be courteous and observe all the rules of any club you visit.

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