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LAAC Charges - Permits & Hires

Visitor's permits are available from the booking agent: Contin Filling Station. Tel: 01997 421948. Please note, members must book prior to fishing rivers during the free months, a phone call to the booking agent is sufficient for this. Our rod permit charges are listed below.

Please note boat hire is additional to permit costs, no outboards available to hire

Permits - Rod Charges & Hire Charges

Venue Members Visitors
Lochs Day ticket FREE £10.00
Lochs Week ticket FREE £40.00
Three Lochs Roving Day FREE £15.00
Three Lochs Roving Week FREE £50.00
Boat hire Dawn to 2pm £12.00 £20.00
Boat hire 3pm to Dusk £8.00 £20.00
Boat hire All Day £15.00 £25.00
Rivers April/May Dawn to 2pm FREE £10.00
Rivers April/May 3pm to Dusk FREE £10.00
Rivers April/May All Day FREE £15.00
Rivers June/July Dawn to 2pm FREE £15.00
Rivers June/July 3pm to Dusk FREE £15.00
Rivers June/July All Day FREE £25.00
Conon August/September Dawn to 2pm £5.00 £20.00
Conon August /September 3pm to Dusk £5.00 £20.00
Conon August/September All Day £10.00 £30.00
Blackwater August/September Dawn to 2pm £5.00 £20.00
Blackwater August/September 3pm to Dusk £5.00 £20.00
Blackwater August/September All Day £10.00 £30.00
Hire of Outboards £10.00 £15.00

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