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2012 Competitions

Details of our 2012 competitions

Junior Competition – 18th August 2012

The junior competition which took place at loch Fannich on the 18th August was great fun.

It was enjoyed by the juniors and hopefully the adults too. It was quite windy on the day so it was a little more difficult to use the fly, it seems the best idea was to find a nice sheltered spot where it would be easier to cast.

We met as usual in the Strathpeffer square at 8 o clock in the morning and then headed up to Fannich. I was very happy to see that there were a couple of extra faces this year and hopefully next year even more new people will come along. After arriving at Fannich we split of into our pairs for the day.

At 4 o'clock we all headed back to the keepers house where we had very good BBQ (coutersy of Ian Macphail) followed by the prize giving. The winners were:

Place Name
1st Emily Ross
2nd Cameron Davidson
3rd Neil Ross

Best pair - Emily Ross and Neil Macritchie and the most fish on fly - Cameron Davidson and the biggest fish - Emily Ross!

I hope everyone had a good day out, I certainly did and that they will all come along next year as well as a few more new faces. Well done to all the winners and better luck next time to the ones who wern't so lucky.

Thanks to all adult and juniors who came along and we hope to see you all there again next year. Report by Emily Ross.

A great day was had by all, well done to everyone who took part!

Meig Open – 28th April 2012

10 teams took part in the '10th Meig Open'. Results in reverse order;

Place Team Name Fish Caught Total Bag weight
10th Seniors 0 -
9th Dolly Mixtures 1 1 lb 5oz
8th Beauly `B` 1 1 lb 11oz
7th Beauly `A` 3 2 lb 2oz
6th The Ross Gang 3 3 lb 13oz
5th The Ullapool Dabblers 3 3 lb 14oz
4th SGL 4 4 lb 9oz
3rd Portree Angling Club 4 5 lb 5oz
2nd The Three T`s 8 6 lb 10oz
1st The Bogtrotters 10 13 lb 11oz

And the biggest individual bag was caught by Lewis Ross with 3 fish for 5lb 3oz. The heaviest fish on the day was caught by Lewis Ross and weighed 2lb 2oz.

A great day was had by all, well done to everyone who took part!

Danfoss Competition 2012

Danfoss Shield and Achonachie Cup

On Saturday 9th June this annual competition took place at Elphin on Loch Veyatie and the Cam Loch. Traditionally this was a contest between the angling clubs of Dingwall and Loch Achonachie, but over the last few years Dingwall have struggled to raise a team and so this year a team of all comers called "the rest of the world" took on the regulars from Achonachie.

A good turnout from both teams ensured that the result would be close in this bank fishing competition. Given the expanse of water between the two lochs there was plenty of space to spread out and take all anglers with ease. An easterly breeze and overcast conditions combined to give good fishing conditions with the trout rising freely throughout the day. There is an over abundance of small brownies in both of these lochs and so fishing a limit of only 8" gives plenty of fun but not heavy bags of fish at the end of the day.

At the weigh-in it was Loch Achonachie who once again came up with the goods and won the day with 85 fish for 24lb 12oz. The Rest of the World weighed in 62 fish for 17lb 12oz. Achonachie lads took the trophies with Lewis Ross taking the Danfoss shield with the biggest bag and Kenny Ross the Achonachie Cup for the biggest fish of the day at 8 and a half ounces. A great day was had by all and after fish and chips in Ullapool it was home to Conon and all done by 10.00pm.

Rest of the World Team - Position - 2nd

Biggest Bag: Paul Pacey - 4lb 3oz, Biggest Fish: Archie Price - 8.5oz, Team Total: 62 Fish, 17lb 12oz

Name N.o Of Fish Weight Position
J Mutch 3 1lb 0oz -
A Russell 0 - -
D Johnstone 6 1lb 7oz -
B Johnstone 0 - -
C Johnstone 4 1lb 11oz -
Big Tam 3 13oz -
Wee Robert 4 1lb 12oz -
W Hailstones 0 - -
T Fraser 0 - -
J Gunn 2 9oz -
P Pacey 15 4lb 3oz 1st
A Prentice 16 4lb 2oz 2nd
N MacKenzie 9 2lb 13oz 3rd
D Fraser 0 - -

Loch Achonachie - Position - 1st

Biggest Bag: Lewis Ross - 5lb 10oz, Biggest Fish: Kenny Ross - 8.5oz, Wooden Spoon: Kenny MacKintosh, Team Total: 85 Fish, 24lb 12oz

Name N.o Of Fish Weight Position
J Cartlidge 9 2lb 8oz -
K Groat 3 12oz -
G Groat 0 - -
L Ross 19 5lb 10oz 1st
R Ross 2 14oz -
K Ross 4 1lb 5oz -
N MacRitchie 14 3lb 9oz 2nd
I MacPhail 5 1lb 7oz -
A Mark 2 5oz -
D MacGregor 11 3lb 3rd
D Williamson 4 1lb 1oz -
D Ritchie 3 10oz -
A Morrison 3 1lb 3oz -
R Manten 5 1lb 10oz -
D More 0 - -
K MacKintosh 1 4oz -

SGL Competion

22nd September

It was a good turn out with teams from Beauly, Dingwall, SGL and Achonachie. The bus arrived at the lochs at 10am, straight away men spread out to try and find room and a bit of clear water. Some covered a considerable distance and some didn`t wander too far from the bus. After a night of frost it was a cold morning with a gentle breeze that was variable in direction and speed. With bursts of bright sunshine warming the day, the scene was set - let battle comence!!

The weigh in was at 5.30pm, some happy faces and some not so happy!! As the weigh in progressed it was becomming clear it was a two horse race between Beauly and Achonachie finally all the fish were weighed and tallied up, so here are the results:


1st - Loch Achonachie Angling Club with 48 fish for 17.25 lbs
2nd - Beauly Angling Club with 49 fish for 15.56 lbs
3rd - Dingwall Select with 19 fish for 6.58 lbs

And propping up the table were SGL all stars with 15 fish for 5.22 lbs


1st - Archie Prentice - (Beauly) 22 fish for 7.25 lbs
2nd - Neil Macritchie (LAAC) 13 fish for 5.29 lbs
3rd - Ali Hunter (LAAC) 12 fish for 4.29 lbs
4th - Paul Pacy (Beauly) 10 fish for 3.43 lbs
5th - Lewis Ross (LAAC) 10 fish for 3.27 lbs

Above: Archie Prentice - Top rod of the day

Top Rod Over 60

Frank Durdle (Beauly) 6 fish for 2.22 lbs

The Pink Prize

(A special prize for the rod that should have done better ) Robert Ross (LAAC).

Once the weigh in had finished and prizes handed out it was time to head back for the bright lights of Conon Bridge via the fish and chip shop in Helmsdale. A very big thank you to LA Mirage for an excellent service and great grub. Thank you very much to Brian Lyall for allowing us the opportunity to fish the Badden Lochs. Thanks to Spa coaches for a great service and the patience of a saint!! Thanks to Neil Mackenzie (Beauly), Jimmy Mutch (Dingwall) and Dave Macgregor (SGL) for organising their teams and helping to make it a great day out.

And finally a massive thank you to SGL for their cotinued support with this competition - hopefully we will see you all at the members competition on Meig on the 29th of September!

Members Competition

29th September

First we would like to thank all those who turned up on what was a cold and blustery day, with the loch just spilling over the top when we arrived. The water rose by another 3ft in the space of an hour! It made setting up and geting all the boats out a wee bit of a challenge. The day turned out to be more of an endurance contest than a fishing competition, with a cold north west wind and heavy showers it felt more like a day in January.

When it came to the weigh in only two rods actually wieghed in fish, a few reposts of undersized fish being returned and bigger fish being dropped

Top rod on the day:

Biggest bag - Chris Ross with 4 fish for 3.04 lbs

Biggest fish - Chris Ross with a nice wild brownie at 1.01 lbs

Top boat on the day:

Lewis and Chris Ross with a combined bag of 3.04 lbs

Very well done to Chris on a superb victory and also big thank you to Robert Ross for all his help in getting the boats sorted in the morning. We would also like to include a thank you to Neil and Derrick for taking the boats down from Scardroy and to Hugh and Dods for taking the boats up from Achonachie. And finally to the Cottage Bar for some excellent grub and hospitality.

Hopefully we'll see you all soon as the winter league is just around the corner. Usually the craic is great and the fishings not bad either, it would be great to see some new faces so why not give it a wee go, you might just enjoy it!

To download details of this years competitions, click here and if you would like to take part, simply drop us an email

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