LAAC History

Loch Achonachie Angling Club was formed in 1953, comprising a limited number of local anglers, to administer fishings on the Upper Conon, Loch Achonachie, Loch Meig and the Upper Blackwater, on behalf of the then Hydro Electric Board.

There was little change within the club between 1953 and 1985, apart from a small increase in the number of members. However in 1985, Hydro Electric decided to sell their fishings on the Conon and Blackwater rivers and the club was faced with the possible loss of access to the Upper Conon and Upper Blackwater salmon and trout fishing.

Starting with only £300.00 in the bank, the club set up a fund-raising committee. Through a number of innovative fund-raising schemes, together with grant aid from Ross and Cromarty Leisure Services, help from HIDB, and a sizeable monetary gift from Lochluichart Estate, the club were able to purchase the Upper Blackwater and Upper Conon Salmon and Trout fishing.

The fishing on Loch Achonachie and Loch Meig was retained by Hydro Electric and is let to the club at a nominal sum. Hydro Electric gifted the five wooden boats they owned on the two lochs to the club in 1991. In addition, the club has trout fishing on Loch Beannachrain (Scardroy) at the head of Strathconon, leased annually from the estate owners.


Organisation of the Club

The club is formally constituted and an Executive Committee, which consists of the officers of the club and at least 12 other members, conducts the affairs of the club. The officers of the club consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and Treasurer. All are elected annually at the AGM and will have previously served on the Committee. The Executive Committee appoints the club Secretary.

The club has over 200 ordinary and junior members and 50 life and honorary members. These members reside primarily in the locality e.g.Strathpeffer, Dingwall, Strathconon, Beauly, Fortrose, Inverness etc. but we do have members from as far away as Glasgow, Orkney, Wolverhampton, London, and West Germany. Membership is remaining broadly static at present but we always aim to increase the number of junior members over each season.


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